The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (TV)(1995)

Max Tash

Daniel Riordan ... Ty Farrel / Captain Zoom
Liz Vassey ... Princess Tyra, Pangea's Leader
Ron Perlman ... Lord Vox of Vestron
Gia Carides ... Vesper, Vox's High Priestess
Duane Davis ... Simulus, the Helmet Head Warrior
Nichelle Nichols ... Sagan, High Priestess of Pangea
Gregory Smith ... Baley, Tyra's Brother
Rick Copp ... Happy, Zoom's TV Sidekick
Lloyd Berry ... Zelantny
Bill Croft ... Lt. Zorg, Vox Henchman
David Mylrea ... Dr. Yal-Tem
Terry Howson ... The Great Rea

Production Companies:
MCA Television
Telvan Productions

Brian Levant
Rick Copp

Genre: Sci-Fi /Comedy

Plot Summary:
The forces of evil are attempting to recapture a human-inhabited earthlike planet that has been liberated by rebels. The son of one of the rebel leaders, an electronic genius, searches the galaxy for a hero and finds Captain Zoom, star of a 1950's TV series. He is transported to the planet as its savior, which role he must play despite himself. (From

Filming Location: Vancouver, Canada

Runtime: 87 min

Variety Review - 25 August 1995