A Stoning in Fulham County (1988)

Ron Perlman
as Jacob Shuler

Maureen Mueller
as Sarah Shuler

Olivia Burnette
as Rachel Shuler

Ken Olin
as Jim Sandler

Jill Eikenberry
as Susan Sandler

Gregg Henry
as Sheriff Woodman

Brad Pitt as Theodore
'Teddy' Johnson

Directed by
Larry Elikann

Writing credits:

Jackson Gillis (story)
Jud Kinberg & Jackson Gillis (teleplay)

Genre: Drama

Original Music: Don Davis

Production Companies: Landsburg Company

Filming Locations: Statesville, North Carolina, USA

Plot Summary

Due to the reckless acts of four teenage boys, an Amish family's eight-month-old baby is killed. The boys will go free unless the District Attorney, Jim Sandler (Ken Olin), can convince the bereaved Shuler family to violate their religious beliefs and testify in a secular court of law.

Sandler wants to bring the four boys to justice and stop the town's acceptance of harassing the Amish community. To do this, he desperately needs the testimony of the only witness, the Shuler's eleven-year-old daughter, Rachel (Olivia Burnette). The people of the community pressure the D.A. to drop the charges; he refuses, and he and his wife, Susan (Jill Eikenberry), become the targets of threats and ridicule.

Sarah (Maureen Mueller) and Jacob Shuler (Ron Perlman) refuse to testify or let their daughter appear in court. Feeling the moral dilemma between the Amish covenant and the fact that unless she testifies the violence against her people will continue, Rachel approaches her father to allow her testimony to be heard in a court of law.

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