Quest For Fire (1981)

Director by Jean-Jacques Annaud

J.H. Rosny Sr. (novel)
Gérard Brach (writer)

Main Cast:
Everett McGill (Naoh) * Ron Perlman (Amoukar)
Nameer El-Kadi (Gaw) * Rae Dawn Chong (Ika)

full cast

Genre: Adventure / Drama

A glimpse of humankind some 80,000 years ago. Using diverse locations in Kenya, Scotland, and Canada, Annaud tells the purely visual story of five tribes (some more advanced than others) who depend on fire for survival. They "steal" fire from nature, but the actual creation of fire remains elusive, lending profound mystery and majesty to the film's climactic, real-time display of fire-making ingenuity. —

Filming Locations:
Badlands, Alberta, Canada
Ben Nevis, Highlands, Scotland, UK
Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
Cairngorm Mountains, Highlands, Scotland, UK
Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
Lake Magadi, Kenya
Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Original Music: Philippe Sarde

Cinematography: Claude Agostini

Production Companies:
Belstar Productions
Ciné Trail
Famous Players
International Cinemedia Center
Royal Bank
Stéphan Films

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation (1982) (USA)

Theatrical Release: November 30, 1980

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