CRONOS (1993)

The directorial debut of visionary filmmaker
Guillermo del Toro

Federico Luppi ... Jesus Gris
Ron Perlman ... Angel de la Guardia
Claudio Brook ... Dieter de la Guardia
Margarita Isabel ... Mercedes Gris
Tamara Shanath ... Aurora Gris
Daniel Giménez Cacho ... Tito
M. Martinez ... Alchemist
Juan Carlos Colombo ... Funeral Director
Farnesio DeBernal ... Manuelito
Jorge Martínez de Hoyos .... Narrator

Writing credits:
Guillermo del Toro

Original Music by Javier Álvarez

Cinematography by Guillermo Navarro

Genre: Drama / Horror

Plot Summary (from DVD)
Faced with his own mortality, an ingenious alchemist tried to perfect an invention that would provide him with the key to eternal life. It was called the Cronos device. When he died more than 400 years later, he took the secrets of this remarkable device to the grave with him. Now, an elderly antiques dealer has found the hellish machine hidden in a statue and learns about its incredible powers. The more he uses the device, the younger he becomes... but nothing comes without a price. Life after death is just the beginning as this nerve-shattering thriller unfolds and the fountain of youth turns bloody.

October Films (1994)
(USA) (theatrical) (subtitled)
Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment
(2003) (USA) (DVD)
Metropolitan Filmexport
Prime Films S.L.
Vidmark Entertainment
(2000) (USA) (VHS)





Spanish title: La Invención de Cronos

Runtime: 94 min

Country: Mexico

Language: English / Spanish

Mechanical objects and special effects were carried out by Guillermo del Toro's own monster and make up FX company "Necropia" (The company no longer exists, but was functional for 15 years).

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