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NEW! 3.15.15: New trailer for 'SKIN TRADE' here.

NEW! 3.15.15: Video clip from 'MOONWALKERS' showing the first meeting between Rupert Grint's character, Jonny, and Ron's character, Kidman here.

NEW! 3.15.15: Erykah Badu to Play Weed Dealer in 'HAND of GOD.' Read here.

3.5.15: NSYNC's Lance Bass to star opposite Ron Perlman in Amazon's 'HAND of GOD.' Read here.

3.5.15: STARS & THEIR PETS: Ron Perlman and his Jack Russell Terrier Nigel. Click here.

2.23.15: Ron is scheduled to attend the London Comic Con - that's London, CANADA, not London, England - in September, 2015. Click here.

2.23.15: DVD Review: 'THE BOOK OF LIFE' here.

2.23.15: Rogue Ales celebrates Hellboy's 21st anniversary with limited edition ale. Read here.

1.11.15: New 'BLACKLIST' Season 2 spoilers revealed. Click here.

1.11.15: The 12 Best Villain voices of All Time. Click here.

1.11.15: 'PACIFIC RIM 2' News here.


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