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NEW! 12.18.14: "POKER NIGHT" opens in theatres on December 20. See video clip here.

NEW! 12.18.14: Report and pics of Ron attending the NYC Screening of “POKER NIGHT” here.

NEW! 12.18.14: Ron's first appearance in the TV series "THE BLACKLIST" will be in epsisode 9 of season 2 which will air on 1 February, 2015.

NEW! 12.18.14: "POKER NIGHT" reviews here and here.

11.9.14: Trailer for 'POKER NIGHT' here

10.26.14: Cheech Marin, Ron Perlman and Composer Gustavo Santaolalla Talk Joining 'The Book of Life' Movie Read more

10.26.14: Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White and Ron Perlman are on an Africa tour to publicise their action movie, 'SKIN TRADE.' Read here.

10.19.14: Easy Street was a bumpy ride for Ron Perlman (Interview by Trail Gazette) here.

10.19.14: Guillermo del Toro Loves Working With Ron Perlman. Read more.

10.12.14: NYCC: Video interview with Ron on His Own Personal Book of Life. Click here.

10.12.14: Ron at New York Comic-Con. Read here.

10.12.14: First official trailer for 'SKIN TRADE' here. Movie Stills here.

10.12.14: Interview with Ron by the Salt Lake Tribune here.

10.12.14: IFC Picks Up Shawn Christensen's SXSW-Winning 'BEFORE I DISAPPEAR.' The movie will be released in the USA in November. Read here.

10.4.14: 'HAND OF GOD' Gets Green Light For Full Season. Read here.

10.4.14: Ron has joined the cast of Alex Garcia’s ‘THE JESUIT.’ Read here.

10.4.14: Review of ‘EASY STREET (The Hard Way)' by By Chris Klimek for the Washington post here.

10.4.14: The View: Ron Perlman talks about his new book. Click here.

10.4.14: Interview with Ron by GQ Magazine here.



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